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Service Tips

ACTION MAIDS guarantees that you will be satisfied with the work performed by our service team. If you should be dissatisfied with any of the work call ACTION MAIDS by the end of the day following the day of service on which the work was performed. Upon receipt of your call ACTION MAIDS will send a service team as soon as possible to complete the work to your satisfaction. Please note the following service tips that will help us provide the most efficient service at your home.


We provide all cleaning equipment and supplies, including: vacuum cleaner; cleaning towels, brushes, sponges, scrubbles: disinfectant cleaner; glass chrome cleaner; Murphy's oil soap; cleanser. We do not however provide any waxes, polishes, or specials cleaners. Please have any of these supplies you want used ready for our team when they arrive.   checklist We'll design our service to suit your needs. Please advise us of any specific cleaning needs or areas in your home that you want our team to give special attention to. You can call our office ahead of time, make a note, or use our Cleaning Checklist to list the work or instructions you may have.
clock Arrival times are approximate. Driving conditions and time spent servicing earlier appointments prevents us from being able to specify the exact time that our service team will arrive at your home. You will be notified if there is a significant change from out estimated arrival time that had been scheduled.   keys Entry. Please call our office in advance to make arrangements for entry into your homeif you will not be home when our service team is scheduled to arrive.
chair Furniture that is lightweight or movable will normally be moved for vacuuming or cleaning. We do not move large, heavy or unwieldy items.   house If the home will be vacant on the service date please be sure that hot water, electricity and heat are turned on.
parrot Pets. Please call our office in advance if you need to give us any special instructions regarding any pets that may be in your home.   phone Cancellations & Schedule Changes. Please call our office as early as possible to advise us of any changes that you may need to make to any scheduled appointment.
Payment for all services is due on the day that the work is performed. Payment may be made by either cash, credit card or check made payable to "ACTION MAIDS". A $5.00 non-payment fee will be added if payment is not received on the service date. A $3.00 service charge will added for credit card payments.
Legal - All ACTION MAIDS service providers are restricted by their employment contract from accepting private employment from any past or present customers of ACTION MAIDS. By using ACTION MAIDS service you also agree not to hire a present or past ACTION MAIDS service provider introduced to you by ACTION MAIDS for any home-related service. If you do wish to employ an ACTION MAIDS staff member, our referral fee is $3,500.00.

Cleaning Service Hours:

Monday - Saturday   8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Office opens daily at 7:30 a.m.

Closed On:

New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th Of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day And Christmas Day

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